Yellow Emperor, also known in the West by its Chinese name Huangdi (), is one of the most important figures of Chinese Mythology . Huangdi – one of Five Emperors – reigned, according to the tradition, from 2698 to 2598  a. One imagines to him like conqueror, judge, immortal, God of the mountain Kunlun and the Earth center.


It seems that originally it was a mythical figure or a God that was reinterpretado during Zhou Dynasty . Originally would be God of the war that in the early traditions played a role little important, but that later of Taoísmo would become one of Immortal . Some identify with God of the thunderclap Tocario Ylaiñäkte, that corresponds to othersIndo-European divinities, like the germanic God Wotan, Greek Apolo and Celta Lug .



One tells that her mother was pregnant woman of Ray fallen of the sky nocturne and that after twenty years of Pregnancy was born Huangdi, that spoke from the birth.

exists histories on their fight with their brother Shennong, and with Diluvio caused by a monster. Also one tells that it owns a drum done with skin of Kui (a mythological being that can produce rain, wind or drought). The legend of its retirement towards the west in the war against the emperor of the East, Chi You, in the battle of Zhuolu, is considered as the establishment of the ethnic group Is .


Cultural contributions

Chinese of the Ethnic group is consider that Huangdi is its ancestor (along with Shennong, which also they know like Yandi (`Yan emperor’). There are them talk about to themselves with the formula “the descendants of Yan and Huang” (炎黄子孙, Yán Huáng zisun ).

Among others profits, to the Yellow Emperor Chinese traditional Medicine is attributed to him to the invention of the principles of : Neijing (内經, Nèijīng ) or Canon medical of the Yellow Emperor, that – according to the legend was composed in collaboration with its doctor Qi Bo (岐伯). Nevertheless, modern historians consider that was compiled of old sources by a student between the dynasties Zhou and Is, more than 2000 years later.

His historian Cang Jie would have been the creator of Chinese characters .

According to another legend, his wife, Luo Zu (螺祖), taught to the Chinese how to weave Seda of worms

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