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The Sang of the Outlaw Murray.

This ballad appears to have been composed about the reign of James V. It commemorates a transaction, supposed to have taken place betwixt a Scottish monarch, and…

1536-1537 Glibert Maklellane alias Fergussoun

Charters and Other Documents Relating to the Royal Burgh of Stirling By Stirling (Central Region, Scotland), Robert Renwick; Makes mention of “a discreet man Gilbert Maklellane…

Notes on the Bridge of Nith

As the shipping of the port of Dumfries on the Nith is in some sort allied with the history of the Bridge of Nith, we here add…

We are working to create a valuable resource for all who are interested in the McLelland clan history;  F.K.A. :

  • MCLELLANUS (Latin)

This new site will be a “live” project and will continue to evolve as more resources become available to it.

Research Objectives:

  • Identify and digitally archive all available historical clan documents
  • Restore social connections with its clan branches worldwide.
  • Answer the call to restore the House of Kirkcudbright
  • Establish its origin in the House of Galloway
  • Uncover the historical path of its Fathers